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Trust your Eshop Management to GR-NET

We register your products for you by providing professional management for your Eshop.

From 700€/month


Eshop Management

Managing an eshop is a time consuming process and requires detail and attention!

GR-NET undertake daily addition of products in order to save you from any mistakes, time and money as the online store management service would require an employee.

Trust us to manage your e-shop without requiring your personal involvement.

Daily support

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Sales increase

eshop management

GR-NET offers management of your eshop instead of you.

You can trust the management of your E shop for immediate registration and renewal of products.

New Products Registration of old ones

We register for you new products according to lists that you will provide us.


We check every detail very carefully in order to achieve the best possible result.

Keeping the schedule

We list your products according to the lists you give us.

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