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Application Creation

Get app to display your website/eshop

Convert website to application for android and IOS

Conversion of your website into an application for ios and android.Mobile Application Development by GR-NET.

Application Creation

GR-NET provides the best possible solution to make your eshop or website easy to use.

An application of your website helps to make it more visible, as every interested buyer or visitor will have it on their mobile and will be able to visit your website with one click without wasting time typing its url in a browser.

As GR-NET, we present the mobile version of your website/e-shop in an application for Android and IOS!

We keep your audience updated about new content on your website by sending Push Notifications to those who have downloade your app on their mobiles.

We undertake registration of the application in Playstore and Appstore respectively!

Make your app known through the digital distribution apps Playstore and Appstore.

Regardless of the operating system someone has on their mobile, whether they have an Android mobile or an iPhone, they will be able to easily find your application through the Playstore and the Appstore

Registering your application in digital distribution applications (Playstore/Appstore) is a powerful marketing tool that you should take advantage of!

Application Creation 2

What we provide in GR-NET applications

Application Creation3

Header Bar

Your website title bar at the top of the app.

App Menu

Application menu where it can host category and page titles with their hyperlinks.

Footer Bar

Bar at the bottom of the app where it can host category and page titles with their references.

The content of the application is synchronized with that of your Website

The content of the application is ALWAYS the same as your website in its Mobile Version. Anything changed on the website is synced to the app automatically.

Additional benefits of the application


Notification messages on your customers' Android and IOS mobile devices


Option for icons in the menu column and in the bottom bar in the Footer


Hide elements of your choice where they appear on your website


Choose the color you want in the Header, Footer Menu fields.


Show Spin Loader when navigating the app.


Show Splash Screen when opening the app, with your logo.

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Turn your Web Radio into a Mobile Application.

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